7 Must-Have Pieces of Clothing For Your Summer Wardrobe

Do you ever get stuck when choosing the right summer clothes from your wardrobe? Could it be because your wardrobe is lacking one or two of the essential pieces of clothing you need to complete your wardrobe? There are seven essential items that you need to make your summer wardrobe complete.

1.Maxi dresses

Women who are fond of wearing maxi dresses can bear witness to the fact that it’s one of the best pieces of summer clothing. It’s perfect for summer because they are light and easy to wear. It is also vital in maintaining a fresh and classy look during summer. Make sure that you choose a dress that is light in colour; for instance, white and yellow colours divert the heat of the sun. Wearing a maxi dress at your place of work highly depends on the company’s dress code. Choosing the right style and fabric will give you a proper look at a casual environment.

You should stick to plain patterns and colours especially at work to avoid looking too much like you are on a summer holiday. A blazer will add professionalism to your look. A maxi dress can conveniently turn from an office look into an evening look where you can go for drinks with your friends. You can spice up the look and lose the formality with some accessories.

2. Tank and Halter tops

Look classic this summer with tank and halter tops. There are a variety of designs such as; spaghetti straps, wide straps, crisscross back straps – choose the one that suits your figure the best and you feel most comfortable in. Some tank tops have a built-in bra, which provides extra support. You can use them as casual summer clothes but are more formal when you accompany them with a blazer.

Halter tops are casual summer clothes which are a bit more figure-hugging than T-shirts or tank tops and more suited for summer weekend wear. Most have a tie and expose your upper back. There are lots of halter tops available for you in the market such as scoop and choker styles. The close-fitting cut of halter tops makes it a great casual summer style.

3. Crop Tops

Crop tops are currently a very common attire. You can be very flexible with crop tops because you can wear them with pants, shorts, and even skirts. It’s why people love them so much. Summer won’t be a challenge if you have a variety of crop tops of different styles and colours.

4. Bikinis and miniskirts

One of the best ways to beat sticky summer heat is by wearing bikinis and miniskirts. Summer involves frequent going to the beach and bikinis are by far the best summer clothes for this event. Miniskirts are popular because of the length they offer. The length of the mini skirt is about an inch or two above the knee. For most women, this is a comfortable length.

5. Hot Pants

Just as the name suggest, these pants are super-hot! They are short and not classified as pants. If you are not afraid of showing off your legs, then you can wear hot pants this coming summer. It will make you look sexy throughout the entire season. However, it’s recommendable for you to wear matching underwear because they are very short.

6. Blazers

Blazers have always been fashionable for the past five to six years. Most of them are versatile and are fashionable summer clothes. It can provide you so much warmth during windy nights. It will also serve as a stylish summer outfit during the day. Rolling up the sleeves will ensure your blazers look perfect especially when you accompany it with a denim dress. The good thing with blazers, it matches with almost all types of women clothing.

7. Accessories

Summer doesn’t mean that you lose all your accessories. As a woman, you should always look stunning in all seasons and accessories complement your look. You can wear sandal wedges which are very comfortable. Flip- flops can be worn but when going to the beach or when relaxing by the pool. You can also carry a lighter handbag or purse which matches your clothes. It is also advisable to wear light jewellery so that you avoid sweating especially around the neck.

Comfort is key when choosing summer clothes. You can use the above outfits for almost any event. Summer is all about fun, and the wrong type of clothing can ruin your holiday.