Essential Summer Trends To Follow

Summer is not far away, and this is the right time to look at this year’s trends in fashion. Every year is different with its trends and fashion leanings, and even if you don’t really follow the ‘’rules’’ of it, it is always possible to just get some inspiration from the trends of the glossy pages. Here are some of the ideas and leaning for this upcoming summer with its parties and activities.

Some of these summery looks will not only influence your wardrobe for the three months of sunshine, but stay with you till the next summer.

Stick with the 80’s

The style of 80’s has come back big time with its one-shoulder dresses and disco leggings and hairstyles. Remember the disco scene? The metallic legging that are still somewhere in the bottom of the closet? If they still fit – pull them out and put on a good heel to show off those legs.

This style is not for the faint-hearted, though, so be confident, be proud and wear the short skirts and shorts to your heart’s desire!

The T-shirt with a print

This year with all the ups and downs in the world, the good old T-shirt with a logo or even a political slogan has come back and claimed its place in the trends. It also means that you can be as comfortable as you like, and wearing an over-sized T-shirt will no longer be a crime against fashion.

Whether you want your T-shirt to show off your personal feelings about the new world we live in or simply state your love for a particular brand. This year is your chance to pick one of those or maybe twenty and wear them for each and every day in the summer if you so please.

A pair of earrings and a necklace paired with a fancy pair of shoes and an evening purse – and you have gotten an evening look which will still be bold, but also more classy.

Who let the ruffles out?

One of the trends for the summer on catwalks this year was the good old ruffle. Some years ago they were labelled as unfashionable and too much, but this year they have been revived and now there is even more of them.

Dresses with ruffles, blouses with ruffles – all of the above can be a part of your new summer wardrobe.

Add ruffles to your summer outfit and let them boost your confidence.

Go short for summer

The combination of shorts and a blouse is still in style. Printed shorts of any kind with a non-patterned and relaxed blouse will not only keep you cool but also let you look stunning this summer. Pair them with a good heel and off you go!

Shorts is probably one of the best ways to stay cool during a hot summer day, and they don’t pose a risk of becoming exposed when a gust of wind blows through the city, allowing you to be comfortable, secure and look stunning.

Find the printed pair that you like the most! There are no rules to which printed shorts look better, it is all your own personal taste.

A little bit of lace

The dress with lace that you might be able to see through, but can’t – that’s the trend. A dress like that will give you a chic look and won’t let anybody see more than you want them to see. It’s like playing hide-and-seek, really.

Besides, a dress like this can not only be a great summer look, it can be the sweet and glamorous evening look for cocktails, or a lunch party look which will stun other people.

Keep it short and simple, they say. Well, not too short, but a little bit of lace on a well-made dress will be beautiful, intriguing and will keep you feeling fresh on a hot summer’s day.

A little more

Fancy showing off a little more skin? Yes, the cropped tops are coming back once more. Remember, we all used to wear them back in the day, and then they were put away for quite some time.

This year an A-line skirt, a mini blouse is the look to go for if you wish to show off a little bit more skin. Besides, all that can also be in denim. Yes, definitely a look for this summer.

Perhaps you fancy a backless dress for the evening and a crop top for a day look?

Maybe your choice is the flowy trousers with a high heel and a patterned blouse in bold colours?

Whether you follow summer trends from the fashion weeks, glossy magazine pages or catwalk reports or not, there are summer trends for everyone. Perhaps one of these will be yours. Give it a try and see how you feel about them.

You can dictate your own summer fashion, and looking at trends could help you decide that this year you are in control of what you wear. Besides, fashion is a flexible matter.

Summer, after all, is rolling in very, very soon.