Fashion Tips for Curvy Women

Curvy women are often body shamed and are often referred to as fuller figure women who require plus size clothing. The truth is that curvy women are killing it in the styling game and if you follow a few simple tips about dressing for your body type, you will always look stylish and fabulous.

Avoid baggy clothing: Most curvy women will wear baggy clothing so that people cannot see all of their rolls and curves. What many curvy women don’t realize is that baggy clothing is very unflattering and they can make you look bigger than you really are.

Invest in the best undergarments: It is important to buy good undergarments. Make sure that you buy a bra that fights properly and provides enough support. You should also buy a high-quality body shaper. These undergarments are designed to hold everything into your clothes tightly, making your clothes fit better.

Knee highs and thigh highs are great: If you are going to wear a short dress, you should consider wearing knee high or thigh high boots or stockings. It is a great way to add sass to your outfit and elongate your legs. Ankle socks or short boots will only make your legs look thicker.

Don’t over accessorise: You should avoid over-accessorising. Adding too many accessories can take away from what you are wearing and it can cover the curves that you should be flaunting. One accessory that you should have and shouldn’t be afraid of wearing is a thick belt. Thick belts can be your friend.