6 Essential Tips on Choosing Clothes to Flatter Your figure

Do you have trouble finding the right outfit that can flatter your figure?

It’s not a must to have a model figure in order to embrace fashion. All women are not the same and are of all shapes and sizes – which we absolutely love. There are so many clothes that can help you make the most of a fuller figure or a more petite size – whichever you look you would like to go for.

What should a fashion lover do?

There are several types of women body shapes. For instance, petite, tall and plus size. Each of these body types has a variety of fashionable clothes and fitting comfortably in your skin means that you will look great no matter what.

The following are some tips that will be very helpful in flattering your figure.

1. Determine your body shape

This is the first phase of flattering your figure. Know which clothes are suitable for you by being aware of your body shape. Do you have shorter legs, rounder hips, flatter chest? Determine the look you want to achieve and focus on clothing that will accentuate those parts. Measure the size of your waist, bust, and hips and you will know where to start with sizing.

2.Find a fashion style that you feel comfortable in

Everybody has a unique figure, and not all clothes fit perfectly on all body types – ill-fitting clothes can make you feel uncomfortable and when you feel uncomfortable you lose confidence. Confidence is important because once you start to feel confident, no matter what shape or size you are, that seeps through in to the way you hold yourself and the way you come across to others. Don’t be apologetic for any part of your body!

For instance, plus size women who are bigger around the hip areas and who want to look narrower around the hips – it’s not advisable for them to wear pencil skirts because they will greatly enhance their hips and thighs. However, they can opt for a dress that will take the attention off their hips and thighs. However, tall women can wear skinny jeans it blends with the height.

3. Create yourself a versatile wardrobe

You should do an evaluation of the current style of clothing you have in your wardrobe. To look trendier, you need to be creative and add modern styles and trends into your wardrobe. You should be careful because overdoing it will make you lose your whole look. Being unique is important, and you feel that your clothing isn’t working with your body shape, it’s high time you try out new things. You should invest in buying a different type of clothing; for instance, maxi dresses.

4. Wearing clothes that fit you perfectly

You should avoid outfits that are too loose and too tight. Non-fitting clothes will make you look larger than you are. Many plus size women wear large clothes hoping that they will hide their curves – when in fact they want to be feeling confident about their curves and enhancing these. Wearing well-fitting clothes will ensure your curves look fantastic. A well-fitting bra also comes in handy. It gives your bust ample support and lifts it away from your abdomen. It will make you look slimmer and more attractive. Having a fuller figure shouldn’t make you feel unattractive as long as you know how to dress your curves well.

5. Wear heels

Heels are suitable for both petite and tall women and are of course optional, but if you would like to transform an outfit to something with a wow factor, then heels really help.

The notion that tall women shouldn’t wear heels is completely false. Wearing them complements your long legs. Choose three or six-inch heels depending on which is more convenient for you. Petite women can also increase their height and still look fancy in heels. Flats shoes should not be your only option. It’s all about being proud of your height, whether you want to look shorter or taller. Heels spice up plus size clothing. Rocking heels is fashionable to all women with any types of body shapes.

6. Wear accessories

Accessories don’t only add style to your look but also draw off unnecessary attention. You can wear long fancy necklaces and bracelets. Both tall and petite women can wear big accessories. Such kind of ornaments makes you look stunning. Nevertheless, you should not overdo it; over-the-top huge accessories will make you look funny.

There are many fashion trends nowadays, some will look good on you, others won’t. The shape of your body should not hold you back from embracing fashion, even though you will never know if you never try. Be free and explore all sorts of outfits that will flatter your figure.